Honey Bun Cake — 33 Comments

  1. Hi Sheryl – how good does this look? I can’t help but smile because my hubby loves honey buns so I’ll have to make him your honey bun cake for sure! Pinning and sharing – have a happy day!

  2. I went exactly by your instructions and let me tell you this, it was absolutely the best Cake I’ve EVER baked.
    It wasn’t hard to go by and I could understand all the directions lol and that is a plus for me.
    Once you start with fold this and that add 1/16 egg white I’m lost and you give direct instructions and it literally turned out just like yours..

  3. Hi,

    Please advise if the cake mix is the old quantities (about 18.5 oz.) or the new quantities of (16.5 oz). I would like to try this recipe.

    Thank you, Linda Miller

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