Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls + Video — 52 Comments

  1. They look so easy to make. I think I’ll have to make these for Valentine’s Day. Thanks so much for all these wonderful recipes.

  2. I bought Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. They don’t unwind so I can’t create the heart shape. I’m sooooooo sad. Did I buy the wrong cinnamon rolls?

  3. Thanks Sherly. My son’s birthday is next week, and he adores cinnamon. I am going to prepare this and surprise him. His birthday is going to be a blast. Oh Boy! He is going to be surprised when he sees his mommy making his favorite cinnamon roll and banana fruit cake.

    • Hi Faye, Yes…you’ll need to serve them the day you make them. You can eat them the next day but they’re not as tender and fresh.

  4. What a wonderful valentine’s day treat for the whole family at breakfast time! I love it, and my hubby and kids will too! Thanks Sheryl!

    • Hi Juli, Yes, you unroll the roll (leaving the end rolled) and then roll the other end back leaving enough in the center to form the point of the heart. If you watch the video at the top of the post it will help you understand more clearly.

  5. I made these this morning, and they were super easy and came out really cute! I definitely recommend following the suggested 13-15 minute baking time suggested here. The cinnamon roll tube suggests 23-27 minutes, and I was afraid 15 minutes would not be enough, so I added another 5 minutes which was too long. They were still good but yeah….definitely go by the baking times suggested here and check them. I’m not sure if unrolling them maybe makes them cook quicker, idk? But no one complained, haha! I’ll just know next time. I am all about the easy when it comes to cooking. I wish I could share a picture. They were adorable! 💕

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