Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls — 44 Comments

  1. They look so easy to make. I think I’ll have to make these for Valentine’s Day. Thanks so much for all these wonderful recipes.

  2. I bought Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. They don’t unwind so I can’t create the heart shape. I’m sooooooo sad. Did I buy the wrong cinnamon rolls?

  3. Thanks Sherly. My son’s birthday is next week, and he adores cinnamon. I am going to prepare this and surprise him. His birthday is going to be a blast. Oh Boy! He is going to be surprised when he sees his mommy making his favorite cinnamon roll and banana fruit cake.

    • Hi Faye, Yes…you’ll need to serve them the day you make them. You can eat them the next day but they’re not as tender and fresh.

  4. What a wonderful valentine’s day treat for the whole family at breakfast time! I love it, and my hubby and kids will too! Thanks Sheryl!

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