Unicorn Pretzels — 24 Comments

    • Hahaha Carmen. I totally know what you mean. I was afraid of that too and was very pleased when I took my first bite and the caramel melted in my mouth without sticking to my teeth. 🙂 You can decorate these pretzels days in advance.

  1. These are so pretty.

    Question do you let the white chocolate dry before you marbleiz it or do you do it while the white chocolate is still wet.

  2. Love this idea…
    My question is,do you think the caramel could be molded onto the pretzel enough to be the horn for a unicorn cake?! If so,do you have suggestions on how to accomplish this task.

    • Yes Sheila, I would use the same technique I used for these unicorn pretzels. The great thing about this caramel is that it’s thick and pliable. Once the melted candy hardens the caramel stays in place.

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