Everything you need to know about How to Decorate Pretzels — 36 Comments

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for this video! I tried a batch of these coated pretzels by just using Pinterest instructions from someone else, and after watching your video the difference is night and day! You definitely saved me from what was a Pinterest fail! Wish I had watched your video first!!!

  2. Question! How far in advance can I make these? I’m hoping to make them for a baby shower. How many days will they stay fresh?

    • Hi Yvette, If your candy is too thick You can add a tablespoon of shortening for a whole bag of candy melts or 1/2 a tablespoon for half a bag. Just place the shortening in the bowl with your candy melts and melt together. This should make the consistency perfect of dipping. Some color melt better than others. I always have a hard time with pink.

      • Hi Jerri, I need more information. What is the texture of the melted candy? Did you add water or fat to the melted candy?

  3. I bought one of the wilton candy melt pots it is great for this you can also buy e z thin to thin out your melted chocolate it works great..I tried to do it in a pot on very low heat and failed over and over. I really like how you use the micro plane great idea.

  4. How far in advance of the party is it recommended to decorate the pretzels ? How long are they good for ? Thanks , jean

    • Hi Jean, As long as you keep them protected from dust ( I usually just lay something over the top of them) you can safely make them a week in advance.

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