Halloween Pretzel Sticks | The perfect combination of sweet and salty! Place these Halloween pretzel sticks on your dessert table, give as a delicious party favor or put down the center or your table as an easy centerpiece.  All you need are pretzel rods, candy melts and sprinkles (colors to fit your celebration).

Halloween Pretzel Sticks | The perfect combination of sweet and salty!


Place a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet.  Melt the candy.  I chose to coat the pretzels I drizzled on with white first and the pretzels covered in sprinkles with black.  TIP:  If your candy doesn’t get loose enough add about a tablespoon of shortening and it  will loosen the candy and make it easier to coat your pretzels.  The key to coating the pretzel without the candy dripping everywhere is in the temperature of the candy.  Not too hot and not too cold.  Once the candy is the right consistency it’s time to dip.  I put mine in a bowl and used a spoon to drizzle and coat the pretzel.  Swirl the pretzel to let any extra candy drip off and tap on the side of the bowl.  If using the drizzle method place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and refrigerate until the candy is hardened.  TIP:  If you end up with a puddle of hardened candy under your pretzel use your micro plainer and gently sand the excess candy off.  You’ll get a nice clean edge.  If using sprinkles all over add sprinkles immediately.  For adding sprinkles I put my sprinkle container into a larger bowl and spooned the sprinkles over the pretzel making sure to keep twisting it around.  That helps cool off the candy and stop it from dripping so much into your sprinkles.  Let the extra sprinkles fall into the larger bowl.  (Place finished pretzel on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.)  Once there is enough sprinkles in the bottom use some of those sprinkles on the your pretzels too.  If you choose to drizzle on your pretzels melt the candy melts the same as you did with the previous colors.  Put melted candy into squeeze bottles.  Place pretzels on a cooling rack and for easy clean up add a piece of wax paper underneath to catch any extra candy.  Drizzle over pretzels.  Add sprinkles and refrigerate both styles of pretzels until hardened.

Halloween Pretzel Sticks | The perfect combination of sweet and salty!

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  1. Hello! Stopping by from Mommy’s Sunday’s Sweet Confessions Link Party – what cute ideas! I think I’ll make some for my kid’s Harvest Festival at school this week. Pinning for later! 🙂

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