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Almond Joy Cheesecake — 30 Comments

  1. Thank you for another great Dessert Challenge! I didn’t even know what almond paste was before this month’s challenge. Now I do and have some yummy recipes to use it in!

    Almond Joys are one of my favorite candy bars and I like how you used all those flavors together in this delicious looking cheesecake. Brilliant!

  2. Love your title, Sheryl! And your cheesecake truly is a delightful double joy of enjoyment. An homage to the chocolate bar and lovely almond paste – which thanks to you – I am now more comfortable using.

    Thanks again for this very fun challenge…And very much appreciate your including the Ninja Baker =)

  3. Holy moly! That cheesecake sounds RIDICULOUSLY good!! I’ve never thought to substitute almond paste in a cheesecake and I’m happy to see it’s a sub that works cause now I really need to try this. I love coconut and this cheesecake has it going on! Wow!

  4. I never bake with coconut (personally don’t care for it) but thought I’d give this recipe a try. Do I need to use sweetened or unsweetened coconut?

  5. Hello! I just made your joyous cheesecake recipe last night. I’m surprising my boyfriend with this cheesecake for his birthday on Saturday! When I first saw this recipe online I knew it was perfect! We both love almond joy candy bars so we are excited to taste the finished product tomorrow!

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