Honey Lavender Ice Cream — 48 Comments

      • Thank you for such a prompt reply!
        Probably won’t do that this time as am making for a group of patients at Chemo Clinic.

  1. Wow, I am in the Jane Adler fan club. Watching it now for the umpteenth time and figured I googled how to make lavender ice cream. Can’t wait to try it. The picture is gorgeous

  2. Now a year later and I have to say that I’m sooo excited to try this. I already have my mixture cooling. By the time I’m off work it will be perfect. I was recently gifted an ice cream maker. I would have made this sooner, but I couldn’t find a no churn recipe for it. By the way, I absolutely love It’s Complicated. Huge Streep fan, and I’ve been wanting to make this ever since then. It’s going down tonight!!!

  3. So delicious looking! Very funny.. just watched the movie last night & looked up how to make this ice cream & your recipe was the first one I looked at! Lol. I ordered the lavender right away! Got my ice cream maker out & gonna make it tonight!! Very excited

  4. This recipe is delicious and so easy too! I did reduce the amount of honey a little because I was afraid it might overpower the lavender flavor which I love! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will be making it often!

    • Hi Cassie, If you use oat milk and want to end up with a creamy ice cream, you will still need to add light cream. Half and Half is a blend of whole milk and light cream.

  5. Hello!! So excited to try your recipe! And yes like most others I’m a Streep fan and saw this in the movie and wanted to try it. However, I have a small countertop ice cream maker and it wount hold the amount in your recipe. I can only pour in 2 cups of liquid in my maker. Not sure how to modify the ingredients. Any advice? Thank you!

    • Hi Laura, There’s two things you could do. Make the full recipe and make the ice cream in batches OR make half the recipe and add as much of the liquid to your maker as you can. I’m not sure what else you can do other then purchasing a larger ice cream maker. I hope this helps. ♥

    • Hi Vanessa, You can use evaporated milk. You won’t get the same sweet flavor but the consistency will be similar. You can also use full fat coconut milk with ¼ cup of granulated sugar.

  6. I’m making this for a family reunion next week! I’m so excited! Do you use violet gel and if so which one? I want mine to be the color in your photo. Thanks in advance ☺️

  7. I have made this at least twice a week since finding your wonderful recipe. We happen to have a lavender store not from from us, so am able to get culinary grade lavender. This is easy, absolutely delicious, and love how simple the ingredients are. Thank you!

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