Honey Lavender Ice Cream — 13 Comments

      • Thank you for such a prompt reply!
        Probably won’t do that this time as am making for a group of patients at Chemo Clinic.

  1. Wow, I am in the Jane Adler fan club. Watching it now for the umpteenth time and figured I googled how to make lavender ice cream. Can’t wait to try it. The picture is gorgeous

  2. Now a year later and I have to say that I’m sooo excited to try this. I already have my mixture cooling. By the time I’m off work it will be perfect. I was recently gifted an ice cream maker. I would have made this sooner, but I couldn’t find a no churn recipe for it. By the way, I absolutely love It’s Complicated. Huge Streep fan, and I’ve been wanting to make this ever since then. It’s going down tonight!!!

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