Asparagus Bacon Quiche — 29 Comments

  1. “I love that I can make it ahead and have it waiting for me in the refrigerator and ready for the oven.”

    Curious about the make-ahead instructions…do you keep in the fridge overnight baked or unbaked? Any adjustments to oven temp and/or bake time if it’s been refrigerated? How does it fair if it’s baked, refrigerated and rewarmed?

    • Hi Min, By “make ahead” I mean put the quiche together (not baked) and bake it the next day. You might need to bake it a little longer due to the ingredients being cold. The leftovers were awesome heated in the microwave.

  2. Have you tried freezing this. I am looking for bake ahead and freeze to reheat breakfast items for an upcoming vacation. Thank you

  3. I just made this for the second time. It is delicious! I used a frozen pie crust and it worked out fine. Love this recipe!

    • Yes Renee, hold the bottom of the pan, gently push up and the sides should release. I left the bottom of the pan on, it’s up to you if you want to try to remove it.

  4. Want to make for Easter brunch. If I put it together the night before and refrigerate I am afraid the crust will get soggy. Please let me know.
    Thanks and Happy Easter💕

    • Hi Sheila, I think it will be okay. I think the shortening in the pie dough will create a barrier to prevent it from getting soggy. This, however is just a guess. If it were me I would totally make it the night before and bake it the next day too. 🙂

  5. Where do you get roasted red pepper? Or do you roast it yourself? I am not familiar with how to buy that or where to find it. Thanks.

  6. I have made this a few times and always get rave reviews.
    Have you ever made as is without the bacon? Hosting a brunch and a few guests are vegetarian.

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