Asparagus Bacon Quiche — 47 Comments

  1. “I love that I can make it ahead and have it waiting for me in the refrigerator and ready for the oven.”

    Curious about the make-ahead instructions…do you keep in the fridge overnight baked or unbaked? Any adjustments to oven temp and/or bake time if it’s been refrigerated? How does it fair if it’s baked, refrigerated and rewarmed?

    • Hi Min, By “make ahead” I mean put the quiche together (not baked) and bake it the next day. You might need to bake it a little longer due to the ingredients being cold. The leftovers were awesome heated in the microwave.

  2. Have you tried freezing this. I am looking for bake ahead and freeze to reheat breakfast items for an upcoming vacation. Thank you

  3. I just made this for the second time. It is delicious! I used a frozen pie crust and it worked out fine. Love this recipe!

    • Yes Renee, hold the bottom of the pan, gently push up and the sides should release. I left the bottom of the pan on, it’s up to you if you want to try to remove it.

  4. Want to make for Easter brunch. If I put it together the night before and refrigerate I am afraid the crust will get soggy. Please let me know.
    Thanks and Happy Easter?

    • Hi Sheila, I think it will be okay. I think the shortening in the pie dough will create a barrier to prevent it from getting soggy. This, however is just a guess. If it were me I would totally make it the night before and bake it the next day too. 🙂

  5. Where do you get roasted red pepper? Or do you roast it yourself? I am not familiar with how to buy that or where to find it. Thanks.

  6. I have made this a few times and always get rave reviews.
    Have you ever made as is without the bacon? Hosting a brunch and a few guests are vegetarian.

  7. I have made a dozen times at least and everyone was great. One thing is that you can subtract or add whatever you like or have on hand. I usually roast red peppers when I know I won’t use them before they go bad, I roast them and put them in olive oil til needed. To me the red peppers are the little nuggets that only add to the many flavors going on with this dish. So glad you di the and even happier I found it

    • Hi Nancy, If you don’t want to use heavy cream but you still want the creamy goodness it offers you can (for 1 cup of cream) use milk and butter. All you do is melt a 1/4 cup of butter and thoroughly mix it into 3/4 cup of milk.

  8. Hi there, thanks for the recipes. In South Africa we only have frozen flaky/short crust or phyllo pastry. Which one is best to use for the quiche.

  9. This was delicious! I added 2 diced Roma tomatoes & the whole pkg of mushrooms. I had no heavy cream so used half & half. I cooked it a bit longer to be sure it was cooked through. I forgot to take a photo, but the whole family enjoyed it. I had some leftover herb soft butter & used it on toast which was perfect with this. Yum!

  10. Made this for dinner tonight, made it without a pie crust just made it like a frittata and it was just amazing! So tasty, just cooked for 40 minutes and came out great!!

  11. I made this for a ladies brunch. I thought it had too many mushrooms. Other than that it was tasty. The ladies where not over blown as I had anticipated. Thank you.

  12. 2 in the oven now and smells heavenly! Left out the bacon (for Lent) and added roasted red peppers to one; the other has ham, artichokes, mushrooms, onion and asparagus to freeze! Can’t wait to eat these!!

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