How to Color Coconut — 18 Comments

    • Hi Robin, I usually use the dyed coconut the next day after it’s dried. If you store it in a airtight container it should stay fresh for a week. Just make sure it is completely dry before closing it up. Moisture is not a good thing.

      • How long do you let it dry before sealing it up? I have to dye coconut for a preschool project. I need to put it in individual baggies and send it home.

        • Hi KD, It depends on the air in your area. Is it humid or dry? To be safe I would make it a week before you need to use it.

    • Hi Sandy, If you can’t find brown gel food coloring (most craft stores carry it) then, choose a red paint and a green paint or yellow paint and purple paint, or blue paint and orange paint.

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