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  1. Oh my goodness – I love it! I am thinking I want to do a Mother’s Day brunch now and make these awesome pancakes. Thanks for the sweet idea!

  2. YUM!! These look so cute! A group of girls and I do a breakfast every month or so and we take turns hosting – this would be so great for that! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this idea! And yes, bacon dipped in syrup is the best part! Now, I need to run out and get one of those squeeze ketchup bottles! Definitely pinning this! …hmm..maybe I can get hubs to make these for me for Mother’s Day! Thanks!

  4. I made these ones for dinner and my boys loved them. I would not change anything about them because they are just perfect. When I called my boys over for dinner they asked for the bacon because they weren’t seeing it on their plates and they had smelled it while it cooked. I said to to them, “Have a pancake first”. They took a bite and turned to look at me with a huge smile on their face. Those are the moments I will forever treasure.

  5. I’m making these for a bridal Getting Ready Party…much like a brunch buffet of finger foods for the girls to munch on while getting hair & make-up done.

    I have one question…what are your thoughts on making these yummy treats in advance? I’m stretched thin on time…and considering making these treats on Wed evening…freezing them…and tossing them in the oven on Sat morning. Do you think the bacon will lose its crunch this way?

    I would appreciate anyone’s feedback on this. 🙂

    And thanks for sharing this perfectly awesome treat!!!

    • Hi Jamie,
      Once you bake the bacon in the pancake batter it really isn’t all that crispy. I think your idea will work fine. Your guests are going to love these! Good luck! Thanks for visiting Lady Behind The Curtain. 🙂

  6. Made them this morning and they fun to do and great. My husband loved them especially with real maple syrup. I don’t like maple syrup so put garlic and butter on them. Have two left for later.

  7. I am going to make these for the breakfast program I run at our local school. The children would love them.

    • Hi Miss B,
      Yep, my granddaughter thought they were the best things I had ever created next to all the cupcakes I make which she thinks are ALWAYS just for her. HA! 🙂

    • Hi Allison,
      I haven’t tried to freeze them. The only issue I would have is if all the bacon fat hadn’t been rendered, heating them up might cause the bacon fat to make the pancakes soggy. My suggestion would be to do a trial run.

  8. LOVE this idea, dont know if its as im from england but would never have thought of putting the two together i go the gym alot so i made mine with protein pancake mix and added some bacon to it maybe thinking of trying this with maybe turkey next ? thanks for sharing!

  9. I made these this morning, and the kids LOVED them!! We added chocolate chips to a couple of them. PURE BLISS!! I’m looking forward to converting this recipe to a paleo version. It should be pretty easy.

  10. My grandsons loved them all 4 of them thanks for sharing. One of my grandsons wants me to make some with sausage just wondering if that would work also either the links or the patties and just make them round with a sausage patty inside of it.:)

  11. Can’t wait to try these I was looking something I can make for my mom to take with her early when she leaves in the morning to eat later when she gets her coffee.+

  12. Hi! Love this idea, have you ever made the bacon ahead of time (like a day or two before) then make them? These would be a good idea for camping , but I like to try and make everything at home that I can (plus bacon can get so messy sometimes when camping). I like the sausage link idea too.

  13. I see the previous comments about possibly freezing these. Has anyone tried this yet? I am looking for quick heat up breakfasts to make for my son to take to college with him. He would absolutely love these considering bacon is his favorite food!

  14. I’m seriously thinking about making these for my son tonight. It won’t be hard at all to convince him to have breakfast for dinner! And I may even make a few to freeze and see how well they do. I would love to have them already ready and just pop them in the microwave. I may also put syrup in the batter. That would make it a very good grab and go breakfast for when we are running late!

    • Me too Rachel! When I ate pancakes and bacon I would always dip my bacon in the syrup. That’s why I decided to combine the two.

    • They are yummy Yvonne. My bacon is small because I used center cut bacon to reduce some of the fat. Larger size bacon will work too! 🙂

  15. I made these tonight for my 2- year old twin girls and they loved them! One of them even ate them without syrup! Thanks for this genius idea!

  16. cool, I already have the habit of eating sweet pancakes in the morning, but I never tried to eat with bacon, it should be good, yes, I’ll do it tomorrow to try it .. thanks for your content

  17. Just tried these out this morning after searching for a recipe for one. These were amazing. So fluffy and tasty. So glad i’ve come across these. I will now be using this from now on!

  18. Really wanting to make these with my son. He is learning some basic cooking things right now, and he loves it! I apologize if this question was already asked and I just overlooked it. We like our bacon pretty crispy. Does the bacon get crispy enough without overcooking the pancake?

  19. Hi Sheryl! Thanks for this recipe and thanks for diligently responding to all the comments! I see that you have informed people that they can make a big batch the night before and then heat them up in the oven the next day. I need to do that for my daughter’s birthday brunch this weekend but have never tried this before… what temperature would you set your oven to for reheating them?

    • Hi Amanda, No I haven’t tried heating them in the oven. I usually pop them in the toaster. I think a good temperature would be 350°. You might also add a pan of water on the rack under the pan of pancakes. This will help with the moisture.

  20. My kids loved making these with me as much as they were loved eating them. Even though they turned into giant oval strips I think they were a success!! Thank you!!

  21. I am making these for a group at work and was wondering can you make the bacon the day before to save time?

    • Hi Lendy, Sure…you can make the bacon in advance. The only downfall is I don’t know how hot the bacon will get while the pancakes cook.

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