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  1. Can you clarify what to do with the inside lid? Is the rubber side suppose to be up or down? Your picture shows the crust is sitting on the top side of the lid but your recipe instructions says the crust is sitting on top of the rubber seal.

    • Hi Beverly, If you watch the slide show the first slide is a picture of the top of mason jar lid insert, the next picture shows the way the lid is supposed to be with the rubber side up and the pie on top of it. I hope this clears up any confusion. 🙂

  2. this is the most darling idea! I’m loving it! I can’t wait to make them! I’ll probably go crazy this fall!

  3. Looking to make these for the farmers market. If pop them out of the lid will they still hold up or would you recommend the stay in the lid? Thanks!

    • Hi Jen, For selling purposes I would leave them in the lids. If serving at a party I would take them out. They will stay together if handled but I’m not sure if they will at a farmers market.

    • I think that the pies would look super cute left in the lid with a ribbon tied around the edge of the lid.

    • Hi Marilyn, Yes you can freeze these pies. To freeze I would take them out of the lid, place them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Once they are frozen then transfer and stack them in a container with a lid. To defrost I would take them out of the container unless they are in a single layer.

      • Are they soggy once thawed? I’m considering making some for an upcoming wedding and would love to make ahead and freeze if they will hold up after thawing. Also, have you tried apple pies this way?

        • Hi Shari, Since this is such an important day I would highly recommend you doing a trial run to make sure these pies turn out the way you want them to. Just make a couple, freeze them for a couple of days and then thaw them to see if they are what you wanted them to be. I haven’t tried apple yet….I am planning of doing that soon since it’s apple season. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the info in your last e mail. Do you think that I could add candied jalapenos or regular jalapenos to this recipe. If so, how much would you suggest. Thanking you in advance, bonnie crim

    • Hi Bonnie, Sorry….I was out with my Granddaughters today enjoying our Fall Festival. To answer your question, I have never worked with candied jalapenos nor have I even tasted them so it’s kind of hard for me to give you any advice towards adding them to a pie. Sorry but I don’t want to give you the wrong advice. 🙂

  5. Love these! I’m going to make them for a ladies get together, but I’m wondering if I can use the colored lids? I have red ones, but wasn’t sure they could go in the oven. Thanks!

  6. These look really good, and easy. I question the lid placement too. You say to ‘flip the center insert of the lid’ Do you really cook the pie touching the rubber gasket side? Won’t the heat soften the rubber and stick to pie bottom? Also, do you spray/coat the screw lids/bottoms to prevent sticking? I look forward to giving these a try.

    • Hi Barb, When you take the lid off a jar the rubber side of the insert is visible. When I say flip it I mean to turn it so that the pie will not be touching the rubber side. 🙂

      • I’m also confused 🙂 in the instructions it says to place the pie crust so that it is sitting in the side that has the rubber seal? Can you please clarify again. So sorry! Can’t wait to try and want to make sure I don’t mess them up!

        • Hi Amy, Thanks for catching that. I corrected it to say…. add crust to the side of the lid *without* the rubber seal. Have a GREAT weekend! 🙂

  7. These would be really great to make a head of time and freeze… we are empty nesters and sometimes a whole pie is too much… these hand pies would be perfect to take out of the freezer and pop in the oven…

  8. Hi, I just love this idea and I can’t wait to try it. My question is, I would like to use the kids to make pie crust shells to use for lemon meringue or chocolate cream pielets. How long should I bake the unfilled crust and at what temperature? I probably use a few marble sized pie weights as well. Thank you

    • Hi Carol, I would start at 350° and watch them if it’s taking longer then you think it should you can adjust the heat to 375°. The baking time is up to you. Start at 20 minutes and go up from there.

  9. Thank you. We’re diabetic so smaller portions are needed. With small children around the smaller pies should be easier for them also. Can’t wait to try.

  10. Of course using the canning lids are safe. They are specifically made to store food!! I would not reuse the rubber ringed part to can foods, however, once they have been baked in the oven. You can reuse them to bake your mini pies, and you can also purchase them individually in any canning section. Sheryl, do you bake them on a pie sheet for stability?
    Sandra (Master Food Preserver, County Extension Office)

  11. Hi. One question, your recipe says about 5 cherries in 3 Tbls of filling, but the pics show way more than that, are the pies in the pics using the bigger lids? 5 cherries doesn’t sound like enough for me, lol!!

    • Hi Judy, When I took the pictures I was using the wide mouth jar lids. The directions are for using the regular size jar lids (which are quite a bit smaller).

  12. These are adorable and perfect size for us empty nesters. These would also be great for Valentine’s Day which I’m going to make and freeze the rest for another day. My husband is going to love them! Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. I am wondering if you could use “used” lids from jars that you have already canned food in. Since you use the top of the lid only is there a health danger in washing and reusing these lids? It seems to me that this would be a good way to recycle these lids.

    • I wouldn’t think so Christine as long as they have been cleaned in hot water. The only thing I would be worried about is if the insert was used on a jar that had something with a strong odor. Like salsa or spaghetti sauce (basically anything with garlic). Even though the rubber side is facing down I’m not sure that is enough to keep the odor from seeping into the pie dough.

  14. Came to you by way of a FB link that took me to:

    I didn’t know you were aware they were using your images & not giving you full credit. Anyways – I’m very glad you marked your photos, because now I have to go browse all your other great ideas. Thank you for such a great blog!

    • Hi Barbara, Yes….I saw it. I notified Country Living… response and has no contact information. It really saddens me to see other people profit from my hard work. Thanks so much for looking out for me. 🙂

      • These look so fun and easy! Thank you for sharing! In reference to the blessings website, I don’t know if they recently changed it, but your website with link is under each photo. So they have given you credit… which is good! 🙂

  15. Sheryl, Have you tried baking a cake this way ? I thought maybe Chicken pot pie ? I think this is a great idea for children to learn how to bake a small pie. THANKS FOR THIS GREAT IDEA…..MKA

  16. I had my 6 year old daughter make these today with a couple of her friends. They turned out great! We made them with apple pie filling instead. De-lish!!!

  17. Hi Sheryl~ I love this idea! Have you made any other flavors? I am doing a party requesting pecan and peach and would love to try this…was wondering if you had a recipe for either of those for the equivalent of the lids? Thanks!

    • Hi Anita, Use a cookie cutter a little larger then the lid or lay the lid on the dough, using the lid as a guide, draw a circle with a knife about 1/2-inch larger then the lid.

    • Hi Arcue, No, I didn’t spray them. There’s enough fat in the pie crust dough that you don’t need to. I did when I made my Mason Jar Lid Black Forest Cakes but not the pies.

  18. I just took a dozen of these (Apple) out of the oven. They look great and smell fantastic! Empty nesters here too. Can’t wait for hubby to come in from chores and try them! Thank you for sharing!

  19. I’m excited about making these little gem pies. I would like to make these up and not bake them till day of the party so they are warm and tasty. Can I do that? Should I take them out of pie lid’s once frozen. Then place them in freezer. When ready to bake, put them back in lid and bake.

    • Hi Vivian, There are a couple of ways to crimp these little cuties. You can use your fingers like you would crimp a large size pie or use the end a a lollipop stick.

  20. What a great idea. Going to take to work instead of my usual….cookies. Am do excited to try them. Thanks so much for sharing.

  21. Is it better to freeze before or after baking the pies? How long can I freeze them? I’m making them for a baby shower & will be making about 60 pies, I don’t want to leave it to the last minute. If freezing before baking do I change the baking temperature or time?

    • Hi Denise, The choice is up to you. If you freeze the pies before you bake them then you will have a flakier crust. I would set them out to defrost before baking them. You might have to adjust the baking time a bit since they will be cold. Good Luck! 🙂

  22. How long before baking should I set out the unbaked frozen pies? Do they need to be room temperature & completely thawed? Would it be better to thaw them in the refrigerator?i have never frozen unbaked pies only pie shells.
    Thank You for your help.

  23. Hi Sheryl,
    These are perfect for my apple theme. I was wondering, do you think I would be able to use crescent dough instead of pie crust to save time? I have 1/2 day class and am trying to save time. Thanks, Michelle

  24. That is a very nice ideal for pies & cakes for a party. I am going to make some of these soon. I am going to make me some pecan pies ones.

  25. I can’t believe that i was going to the kitchen supply store for baking rings to make crumpets, English muffins and eggs when in my dishwasher are my canning lids! It never occurred to me to use the lids. What a genius you are, thanks so much. Now I can make the pies and bacon and egg muffins.

  26. I just made these Mason lid cherry pies. DELICIOUS! I used the 2 pie crusts(in the 14.1 oz box and made 6 little pies. There was no way I could get 8 pies. Oh, just noticed I have wide mouth lids. I used a full 3 tblsp with wide mouth lids. Mine took 30 min. Sprinkled with powdered sugar before serving.
    How should I store these overnight? Covered? I plan to freeze one just to try.
    I certainly want to eat more than 1 pie!

    • Hi Kathleen, Store the Pies in an airtight container. If you don’t plan on all the pies being eaten in a couple of days I would store them in the refrigerator. These pies freeze beautifully. I leave them in the lids and place them in an airtight container to freeze.

  27. I am going on a camping trip and I want to serve these for our dinner date with our friends two days into our Lake . Powell trip. If I made them, and baked them at home before we left, then froze them, would they be okay if we just kept them cool in the coolers?

  28. This is the cutest idea! Planning a bridal shower and these will be perfect. The bride’s nickname is “Angel Pie.” How fitting?!?!

  29. 😩 I just tried this but only from a quick visual on Pinterest and only AFTER making did I look at recipes to see how to take them out if the rings. That’s when I saw your instruction to bake with rubber seal down – mine was up 😫 Will they not pop out now? Is the filling damaged because it baked against the seal?

    • Hi Ruth, The reason I instruct the rubber seal to be down is to protect the crust in case the rubber melts or gives it a weird taste. All I can say is try one and see what you think.

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