Pistachio Fudge — 19 Comments

  1. Hello — How do you cut 42 pieces of fudge from an 8×8 pan? Is that correct? That’s 21 cuts in each direction, right? That would make pieces of fudge that are approximately 1/3 inch square… The photo looks like the pieces are maybe an inch square, which means you’d get 16 from that pan.

    • Hi Sue, Yes you can stir the nuts into the fudge. You can also add it to your cookie tray. It will dry out if left outside of a sealed container for sometime.

    • Hi Diane, I know that can be kind of confusing. Here’s a rule I go by when writing my recipes. If it says tablespoon then you can assume that it is a singular amount (1/2 or 1). If it says tablespoons then you can assume it is multiple amounts as in this case of 1 1/2 tablespoons. I hope this helps with this recipe and future ones too! Have a great week!

  2. I FREEZE MY FUDGE AL THE TIME. At Christmas I make about 30 boxes for little gifts so I start in November I wrap them in little boxes decorate the boxes with ribbons and when I need one box I take it out for a few hours and voila a nice little giift it is perfect.

  3. Can i use parchment paper and a 8X8 Pyrex dish ? I bought the I gradients but didn’t read ahead and I don’t have foil nor a pan that’s 8X8 lol..

    • Sure Johnny, The size of the pan is all that matters and the foil helps with the ease of pulling out the fudge. So using a glass instead of metal pan and using parchment paper instead of foil will still work perfectly.

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