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    • Hi Denise, I’m so sorry I don’t remember. I know I ordered them on line. I got them last year and well the memeory isn’t that great anymore. 🙂

      • ALLLL RIGHTY THEN, I’m comin’ after you and will be poking you in the eye with a sharp stick!!! Just joshing ya, but I am sad you don’t remember where the sombreros came from. Hubby & I will be celebrating our Wedding Anniversary this October. These little pillows of fun filled heaven would be so much fun for the dessert as we’re having a fiesta theme.

        OH WAIT, I now see where you responded to Rita with a site that carries them. You’ve been saved from pain worse then death…;)

        Thank you, I’m sure these will be a hit with our guests.

        CHEERS, CC

          • That’s cool Lisa! Share them on Instagram with the hashtag ladybehindthecurtain so I can see them. ?

  1. Love these cupcakes. Never have seen this flavor cupcake and the decorating was cute! Found you on the link party at Flour Me With Love! Please share on our Tuesday Brag About It! Love to see this wonderful link.
    Very best wishes from both of us! Sharon and Denise

  2. Thanks so much for this recipe! I made a test batch today before an upcoming Cinco de Mayo party, and they’re amazing. The only thing I did was add a bit more vanilla and cinnamon to the batter, just to make sure the flavors really came through. The butter and cinnamon-sugar topping is the perfect finishing touch 🙂

  3. I would love to make these….but in my pantry right now i have no cake flour, can i just substitute more regular flour?

  4. These are AMAZING! My nine-year old daughter said this is her new favorite cupcake and she wants me to make them for her birthday (which isn’t until January – ha)! So creative and absolutely delicious. Everyone I made them for LOVES them and has asked for the recipe!

  5. Terrific cupcake idea! I am making these for my daughter’s 20th birthday–churros are one of her fav treats. In a pinch, I used a yellow cake mix and just added vanilla and cinnamon to the batter. Delicious! Next time I’ll try your recipe. Thank you!

  6. These came out delicious! I did change up the rising a bit. Added 3 tablespoons of coconut cream instead of milk and up’s the cinnamon by 1/2. I got lots of compliments on these and a special request to make them again. Thank you!

  7. I just made these tonight and they came out very delish! Going by what my mother said, I tested the batter but she ate the cupcake as this is my diet day. She thought it was really good. I used all cake flour and added a pinch of ground cloves and added a splash of dark rum to the melted butter. I didn’t try the frosting as I did not have cream cheese on hand but I do want to try that next time. Awesome recipe and had the taste of a churro. Love this and would make again.

  8. I made these for my daughters fiesta themed birthday party! They were a huge hit and got lots of compliments! I couldn’t find the sombreros so I used a chocolate mustache mold and put chocolate mustaches on top!!

  9. Made these for a group today and they were a big hit! 🙂 Thank you for the recipe. Only thing was that 5 cups of powdered sugar was too much frosting. I realized this half-way through sifting in the powdered sugar. I ended up adding the milk (to weaken the sweetness a little), a little nutmeg, and leaving the frosting as it was texture-wise. The texture was between icing and frosting-like, which was my fault, but the taste was perfect! Not too sweet, just how I like it. Thanks again! Great recipe. Will be making again in the future.

  10. This is an amazing recipe! Made them for my sisters Mexican themed bachelorette party and they were a huge hit – everyone asked for recipe! Followed recipe exactly. Will definitely be making more from this website.

  11. These cupcakes were delicious! huge hit at a cinco de mayo themed baby shower!!! this recipe is staying in my book!!!

  12. I made these for my niece’s graduation party. They were a hit! They are moist and flavorful. My niece said they tasted like “Cinnamon Toast Crunch with out the bowl”. I eill be making these again soon. Thanks for sharing!


  14. I made these for work months ago and people are still talking about them. Matter of fact, I was asked to make them for a toddler’s birthday party tomorrow. This recipe is a hit! BTW, I didn’t do the cinnamon sugar topping the first time, but will this time. Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. I just made these, but halfed the recipe and veganized them, and omg they are delicious! The top was like an awesome cookie then super soft inside. Making them for my boyfriend’s birthday, I hope he likes them as much as I do!

    • Hi Ashely, That’s what I do when I don’t need as much as a recipe makes. I know some bakers disagree with this. But it works for me. Good Luck! 🙂

  16. Would these make good vanilla cupcakes, if you leave out the cinnamon from the batter? Need to make vanilla and churro cupcakes, and looking to save some time. Thanks!

    • Hi Yesenia, Here is what I read about switching out the flours. 1 cup of cake flour is equivalent to 1 cup of all purpose flour minus 2 tablespoons (1 cup – 2 tbsp)

      1 cup of all purpose flour is equivalent to 1 cup of cake flour plus 2 tablespoons (1 cup + 2 tbsp) “substitute at your own risk”.

  17. Oh wow! I made these today in mini cupcake form and they were a HUGE hit! They got so many compliments, I’ve already got people requesting I make them again! Thanks for the fantastic recipe, I’ll be baking them up again soon!

  18. hi! Love this idea for a taco bar party as a dessert. I’m sorry if someone already asked this question, but I didn’t see it if they did: for the cupcake part of the recipe, do you mean one and a quarter cups milk? Or did you mean one quarter cup of milk? TIA!

    • Hi Kendall, The measurement is 1 1/4 cups of milk. In the future if you are confused by the measurement look for cup or cups. If is says cups then you know I mean all that is stated. I hope this helps. 🙂

  19. I found this recipe on Pinterest as I searched for some cupcakes to go with my Mexican fiesta theme. I don’t usually come back to write reviews but I had to let you know how delicious these cupcakes turned out! I didn’t have cake flour so even after substituting a bit of cornstarch, mine turned out a little dense but super tasty nonetheless. The frosting was great although I used salted butter and wish I hadn’t just to reduce sodium. I added dulce de leche filling in the middle of each cupcake which turned them up a notch. So good, thanks for sharing this recipe!

    • Hi Bassie, Thanks…I’m glad you like the recipe. Other bloggers sharing my work is never a bad thing. Thanks again! 🙂

  20. Hi Sheryl! Thanks for the recipe. I’m going to make them in the morning and when they cool, I’m going to fill them with dulce de leche. Then I’ll do the topping and then hide the hole with the frosting. Thanks again.

  21. Getting ready to make this, but just noticed you list 2 tablespoons of sugar for dusting as part of the cupcake ingredients, but I didn’t see reference to dusting in the directions (other than the topping, which also has sugar listed)…did I miss something?

  22. These are so cute. ButI have a question, If I were to make these the night before an event, how would I store them overnight?

  23. These cupcakes are amazing! Easy recipe to follow and yet the end result is unique and creative; and most importantly they taste delicious! Everytime I’ve made these (now atleast 6 or 7 times) they get raving reviews.

    Thanks so much for sharing your recipes 🙂 Can’t wait to try out more!

    P.S. Can I use this cupcake mixture (minus the cinnamon) for the Twinkie cupcakes? I don’t like to use packet mixes, but I really want to make them! Any suggestions?

    • Awwww…that’s awesome Tania. Yes, I think you can use this recipe for the twinkie cupcakes just omit the cinnamon. Good Luck! 🙂

  24. YUM! My husband really doesn’t care for sweets, especially cake, but he LOVES these! I made them a month ago, and he’s been badgering me to make them again ever since. And well, here I am, ready for round 2 of these delicious cupcakes 🙂 Thanks for such a great recipe!

  25. I’m so excited to make these! I just have a question before I get started, if I’m in a high altitude location, do I need to alter the recipe in anyway to avoid deflated cupcakes? Tia!

  26. So excited to try these for a themed birthday party. I saw you comment already that you use the 4B pastry tip but how did you pipe it? Is it squeezed from the center in one spot and it comes out like that in the picture? Any advice? They look so great!

  27. I made these last night for a Mexican-themed party! Instead of the sombrero (which you can buy on-line) I put a piece of Chili-chocolate bar on the top! The chocolate was spicy, dark chocolate, which I though would be a Mexican “flavor”. They were a hit! Wish I could post a picture!

    • Hi! I’m so happy your cupcakes were a hit. I love the addition of the chocolate. Since this was your first time commenting I have to approve you before your comment will show up. I only have to do that once and then your comments will go through. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that comes through. HA! 🙂

  28. Where can I find these amazing cupcake liners?! It would be perfect for my mothers birthday that I am throwing her this year!

  29. These are so delicious! But I forgot them in the oven for a few extra minutes so the edges came out a little crispy:( but I will be trying to bake them again! The frosting is amazing! Everything tastes so good.

      • Update:
        The 2nd time I made these they came out perfect! So delicious. I just baked them a few minutes less this time.
        I really love the frosting. Id like to have a recipe for cream cheese frosting for other cupcakes. Can I just leave out the cinnamon and use that as a cream cheese frosting? Or is that wrong?

  30. I made these for my coworkers for Cinco De Mayo this year and everyone keeps asking me when I’m planning to make them again. These cupcakes and the frosting are so yummy!

  31. To make these cupcakes even more delicious, after the cakes were cool, and before I added the frosting, I filled them with slightly warmed dulce de leche. Talk about decadent!!

  32. I am new to baking… Haha so what exactly does this mean?

    Add flour mixture in three batches, alternating with two additions of milk, and beating until combined after each

  33. Made these for my granddaughter’s first Fiesta! Got rave reviews! I did add extra cinnamon to the cupcakes and the icing. I doubled the cinnamon crunch topping.

  34. Made these last week for a group of 13 year old girls and they were a big hit. I am making them again for a party. This recipe is one of the best tasting cupcakes I have ever had. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Candace, Sure you can half the recipe. I’ve been searching for more of those hats for ages. Would you add the link? Thanks!

  35. Can you make these a day ahead of time and leave in fridge and do topping the day of? We also have to drive a couple of hours the day of so will it be ok sitting out for those two hours?

  36. This Churro recipe is sooo Good! My hubby is Addicted! Haha… but I have one problem, every time I’ve made these the icing comes out watery. What could I be doing wrong? Maybe the butter?? Help please!

    • Hi Liz, If you’re using margarine instead of butter that would cause the frosting to be thinner. Also, don’t add the milk unless you need to, or maybe your butter is too soft. If that’s the case, place the mixing bowl with the frosting in it into the refrigerator until the butter solidifies a bit. Then mix the frosting again until it becomes light and fluffy.

    • Hi Teresa, I freeze cupcake batter, baked cupcakes and frosting all the time. I think you could even get away with freezing the baked cupcakes with the frosting.

    • Hi Dina, What I do is make the batter and frosting a few days before. Store them in the refrigerator until I’m ready to bake and frost. I set the batter and frosting out on the counter to come to room temperature. Bake the cupcakes, place the frosting back into a mixing bowl and whip it for a few minutes to add air back into the frosting.

  37. I do not normally leave comments or reviews, but these were by far my favorite cupcakes of all time. The frosting alone is addictive, but the blend of the cake, cinnamon sugar topping AND frosting was amazing. I will not disclose the amount of frosting I most certainly did not consume!!! Great recipe, will make again and again.

  38. Hi! 5 cups of powdered sugar sounds like it would make a ton of frosting lol. But it doesn’t look like you have a lot of frosting on the cupcakes. So I’m just wondering if you use it all?

  39. Hi, I am making these cupcakes for my Kentucky Derby / Cinco party. I’m making them soon, so I’m freezing them. My question is do I put the topping on, before I freeze them, or do it after they thaw out and then do the crunchy topping, and then frost ?

  40. Made these for a pool party. My daughter’s friend (the host) does not do sweets. At all. He did these!!! Used brown butter cinnamon frosting and added a churro on top. They are awesome!

    They shrunk a bit though. How long should the butter and sugar be mixed? Need to know for next time, because there will be a next time.

    • Hi Gina, I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe. It’s one of my favorites. Whip the butter and sugar until the butter is light and fluffy. Not as long as frosting so about 2 minutes.

  41. Has anyone ever made this recipe as a cake versus cupcakes? If so, did you brush the cake with the butter and sprinkle the cinnamon/sugar on top before icing it? And what kind of piping did you do to it? Thanks!

    • Hi Becky, I haven’t made it into a cake. I would definitely brush on the melted butter and add the cinnamon/sugar topping. It adds such a nice crunch. Piping on the frosting is an option. Spreading would work too. Piping uses more frosting then spreading so you might need to make a littler extra frosting. I love the idea of making these delicious cupcakes into a cake!

  42. How would you make this frosting with shortening? I have someone requesting that I make them and ship them, yet I feel the cream cheese would not hold up well. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Crystal, Yes, a typical cupcake/cake recipe will make 24 cupcakes. This Churro Cupcake recipe makes 29 cupcakes. You should have plenty of batter to make a layer cake or 9×13-inch cake.

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