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    • I made this in October for my besties birthday. It was so yummy my family has decided it’s my new item to bring to all holiday dinners and work is insistent as well for our potlucks. Thanks for making me the no.1 invitee to every event as long as I bring the best dessert ever!
      A Ga Mom

    • Hi sheryl, I heard hat a chesecake cannot be done without a kitchen aid all I have is a hand mixer. will this work I have never made a cheesecake befrore and wanted to do it for thanksgiving

      • Hi Patti, I’ve never heard that and…..they are wrong. You can make a cheesecake with any kind of mixer…even a hand mixer. Since this is your first cheesecake I would recommend you making a practice one. I have a YouTube video that shows every step.


        Good Luck!

  1. Do you think you can freeze this cheesecake. I would like to make it for thanksgiving but we are going out of town I need to freeze if possible.

  2. I could not find vanilla wafer crumbs. Can I use graham cracker crumbs? Or should I make my own with vanilla wafers? Thank you in advance! This looks amazing. I can’t wait to make it!

  3. I made this for Thanksgiving – it is delicious! HOWEVER…the pecan pie filling turned out very HARD….cannot cut with a fork, so we just separated the cheesecake top from the pecan pie – took a bite while holding it by hand and then a fork full of cheesecake.
    Thoughts on how this happened?

    • Hi Alana,
      Sure, you can use a graham cracker crust. But you’ll be missing out on the yummy vanilla flavor the nilla wafers offer. 🙂

  4. So excited making this from our family Christmas!!! I can wait to try!! Smells so good right now in the oven!!! Thank you so much do sharing this!!!

  5. Mine is in the oven now … I don’t have a spring form pan so this is getting improvised and won’t be as pretty but from what I “tested” 😉 it tastes amazing!

  6. Just made this for the first time. Definitely a keeper. Although I did make a slight change. I only used 1/2 a can of the dulce de leche and I think that was plenty.

  7. It’s in the oven now!!!! I am so excited for this. I am testing it out now and I’m baking it to bring to my brothers house for thanksgiving. My oven is very temperamental so I always have to test things out lol. The long run… More cheesecake for me lol.

  8. I made this twice last year and it was a huge hit. Since then, my husband and I have gone gluten free. I’m going to attempt to make the crust with gluten free graham crackers as there’s no alternative to the nilla wafers. So sad! I’ve got my fingers crossed that it comes out as yummy as it did last year. I read your comment about missing out on the vanilla flavor…wonder if I could add a few drops of vanilla to the crust mix before baking??

  9. This cheesecake sounds awesome. I just popped the prepared pecan pie cheesecake into the oven and am so excited about the upcoming results.
    Thank you for sharing and I will let you know how everyone enjoyed it.

  10. Where do you find the Dulce de leche? I’ve looked in 3 different grocery stores and i don’t know if i’m just missing it somewhere, but i can’t find it.

    • Hi Jessica, It’s not with the baking products it’s where the Mexican food is. I know for sure you can find it at Walmart on the Mexican food aisle.

      • Thank you! I will have to look there next time i go. For not i’m going to try and melt some caramel with a tiny bit of sweetened condensed milk. I looked online and it also said that walgreens carries it. Maybe try there Chris!

  11. I am assuming that the “1-3/4 cups of vanilla wafers ground into crumbs”, is actually 1-3/4 cups of vanilla wafer crumbs, correct? Not 1-3/4 cups of vanilla wafers and then ground into crumbs?

  12. How long do you roast the pecans for? I am trying this for the first time and I put chocolate in the pecan pie batter. I just took it our of the oven and waiting for it to cool enough to put in fridge will put the topping on in the morning I think.

  13. My cheesecake is in the oven and I put a baking sheet under it as instructed. I turned on the oven light and noticed some liquid on the baking sheet. Is that normal? I assume it’s from the pecan pie mixture because it looks clear. Is the cheesecake going to come out ok?

    • Hi Lynn, All is well with your cheesecake. It’s the butter from the crust. I have had many puddles of butter at the bottom of my oven. That’s why now I always place a cookie sheet under them.

  14. Mine is cooling as we speak and looks amazing. Is it okay to finish the garnish in the morning? I’m so excite to try this, I showed the recipe at work and now 2 co-workers are making it too. Happy Thanksgiving

    • That’s awesome Stacey! My daughters making it too! Yes, you can garnish it in the morning. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! 🙂

  15. Stacey,
    I showed this at work and several of us are making it. We are so excited to give this a try. I want to try a lot of the recipes Sheryl has.
    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all the wonderful recipes, Sheryl.

  16. I was just wondering if I could make cupcakes with this recipe and if so what temp on the oven and for how long? Thanks

  17. Thanks for the recipe! I just made it and it was delicious. My pecan pie filling was a little hard to so I saw from about you suggested baking at a lower temp so I will try that. One other thing is the dulce le leche was a bit runnier than your photo. Did you thicken yours up at all? I might add a little corn starch. It was still delicious though.

    • Hi Tracy, I’m glad you liked the recipe. I didn’t thicken my dulce de leche. My guess is that you might of heated it too long.

    • Hi Laura, The springform pan is taller then a regular pan and allows you to take the side off without disturbing the cheesecake.

  18. I made this with great success. I even forgot to put the butter in the cheesecake mix, was not even missed so yum!. I would defiantly recommend to serve more towards room temperture or the pecan bottom will be hard to chew. A must try!!!

  19. Hi I saw you’re still responding to comments so I thought I’d ask a question.
    When it is all done does it need to stay in the fridge or can it sit out. I’d like to make it a day or so before serving so was just wondering what the ‘shelf life’ is. I’d probably do the topping closer to serving time though.

  20. Hi, was curious as to what you meant on the “tip for protection” about putting the cheesecake on a cookie sheet? Guess I’m not understanding what you meant by that.

  21. Made this over the weekend and wow oh wow was it delicious. Have a question regarding the pecan pie filling? Mine came out very chewy to the point of difficult cutting. Would you think the filling was maybe cooked too long? This is a keeper and my family can’t wait for me to make again.

    • Hi Lecia, Did you let the pie sit out for 30 minutes before slicing? That probably would help. I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it. 🙂

  22. I’m so glad I found your website I’m going to try your pecan pie cheesecake for Thanksgiving but I don’t have a spring form pan what else could I use maybe a bundint cake pan? Or what Thank You for your recipe s they sound good

    • Hi Misty, Not really sure what you mean by this question. If you’re referring to refrigerating it after baking it….then no. Wait until after you remove the ring from the springform pan before adding the Dulce de Leche and pecans.

  23. I am 73 and have only made cheesecake one time before, I have made this twice now and each time the pecan pie filling is tough to the point its hard to cut with a knife. I tried the lower temperature but it was still just as tough. Also after one hour center of the cake was still quite wiggly so I baked several minutes longer. Should I be concerned about the wiggly center after one hour? I do like your web site thanks Phil

    • Hi Phil, How long did you boil the pecan pie filling? With so many people saying they wanted to make this cheesecake for Thanksgiving and it being so long since I last made it I wanted to make sure the recipe worked like I had remembered. So I made it last weekend. The best cheesecake ever (if I say so myself)! I did adjust the boiling time for the pecan pie filling a couple of minutes. Not sure if that really makes a difference but I did it any way. Yes the cheesecake is supposed to be “wiggly” after only an hour. Remember you still leave it in the oven another hour. Even though the oven is off it still continues to bake the cheesecake. Also, my daughter had to add 20 more minutes to the baking time because she is using a gas stove. So that might make a difference for you too (if you’re baking in a gas oven). So if it’s been a while since you looked at the recipe you might want to check it again (because of the revisions). I hope this helps…..this is a delicious cheesecake. Please let me know if I can help!

      • Thanks Sheryl for your quick reply. This has been requested for us to bring to our Thanksgiving meal at a friends house. So crunch time is getting near. I will make it one more time this week and not cook the filling quite so long and also shut the oven down after one hour. Other than the pecan pie filling being tough this is a great receipt and fun to make. Your other tips have been very helpful for this novice baker Thanks again

          • Hi Sheryl I made this again today and adjusted the time on the pecan filling and it came out great now to make it next week for Thanksgiving but I am sure it will turn good have a happy Thanksgiving and thanks for your time Phil

          • Yay! You just made my day Phil! Better watch out….once your family tastes this dessert their going to ask for it every year! 🙂

  24. Wow, that was awesome! It took a little longer than my other cheesecake adventures (Nutella cheesecake with semi-sweet chocolate ganache and lemonbar cheesecake), but it was truly delicious – and it got a big time thumbs up from my pecan pie loving wife! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  25. This is the first baked cheesecake I’ve made. It is in the oven as we speak. My brother wanted it for his birthday. Cross your fingers for me that it comes out right. It smells sooooo good ???

  26. Cheesecake is in the oven, praying it turns out ok. Only problem was the eggs mixed with the sugar and corn syrup when boiled; also boiled the yokes. I stirred the hole time too. Now I have scrambled egg mixed in with the Pecon Pie mix.

    • Hi Randy, Bummer….you need to start with everything cold, mix it together in the pan and then bring to a boil. If you do it that way you shouldn’t have scrambled eggs.

  27. Getting ready to prepare the garnish and I’m worried that I may have bought the wrong thing. I bought Nestle La Lechera? Is that the same as the Dulce de Leche?

  28. Thank you for responding so quickly! Can’t wait to try it out for my family. We like to make cheesecakes for Thanksgiving and I wanted to experiment with a new recipe. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  29. I like baking cheesecakes in a hot bath. Do you think it would be okay to do that with your recipe? Making this for Thanksgiving.

  30. Should the crust be hard or still a little crumbly after baking for 6 minutes? Other crusts that I have done in the past (oreo, gingerbread) have been more firm.

  31. I made this for Thanksgiving. The crust and pecan filling were so hard we could not cut through it. The cheesecake part was fine. I am known for my cheesecakes and was a little embarrassed that this was a mess. I saw u told someone else their oven must be a little warmer than yours. I have checked mine and it is exact with 2 extra thermometers. Any other suggestions? What would happen if I put my regular pecan pie filling in it and not cook it before I put the cheese cake on top of it?

    • I’m sorry your cheesecake didn’t turn out and that you were embarrassed. I knew a lot of my readers were making this cheesecake for Thanksgiving so I made it again a week ago to double check that everything was right. The cheesecake came out perfect for me. I hope that you will try it again. It is a delicious cheesecake.

  32. Sheryl, I’m in the middle of this recipe and want to make sure that I am not to bake the pecan pie filling but place the cheesecale on top. Right?

  33. Wow, I made this for Thanksgiving, there was none left. Everyone said it was the best dish of the meal. I did have to make my own Dulce De Leche, but that was no big deal..thanks for a great recipe.

  34. AMAZING! Everything turned out so delicious. I didn’t try the candied pecans on top, I just used plain chopped pecans and it didn’t take away from the perfection! I did find the bottom harder than I expected to cut, like someone mentioned above, but I just went over my cuts with a super sharp knife and that worked great. My hubby had begged me to make this instead of a plain pecan pie and was really impressed. Thanks for the recipe! P.S. I shared a pic on facebook of my cheesecake and all my friends were drooling!

  35. The cheesecake part was good, but I cooked the crust to long so the crust and the pecan filling was so hard, it was inedible like concrete. My stove is a gas stove, and when I cooked it for the hour it directed me to, I pulled it out and the middle was still very slushy and uncooked, so I covered it with aluminum foil and cooked it an additional 10 minutes. Apparently that was too much. I will attempt it again sometime, but I was very disappointed at how it turned out, but I blame myself.

    • Hi Robbin, I’m sorry you had a hard time. The recipe calls for the cheesecake to sit in the oven an additional hour with the heat off to finish baking. I’m glad you’re willing to try it again. I plan on making an “how to” video very soon. 🙂

  36. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I found it on facebook in the newsfeed. I made it for my family for Thanksgiving. It was a huge success. My husband wants me to make it again. I have decided to make it a permanent staple for Thanksgiving. By far the best cheesecake!! We love it.

  37. I made this for Thanksgiving… was fabulous but it seems like the Pecan Pie went right through the Nilla Wafers crust… the Pecan Pie part didn’t come off, any tips? Thicker crust? Lower oven temp? I want to do a test run before Christmas.

  38. I have made this pecan cheesecake several times and I will tell u it turns out picture perfect each and every time. This is the best cheesecake I have ever tasted. Thank you so very much.

  39. I made this for Thanksgiving and it was a bit runny in the middle but still delish!!! I am making it again today and it is baking right now and I am reading the comments…I have a new gas oven that I am not use to. It has been in an extra 15 minutes and will leave it in another 5….then it will rest for 1 hour off. Glad I read the comments this time….Thinking about a brownie type cheesecake in the future.

    • Hi Rhonda, It’s tough having a new oven to get used to during the Holiday Season. My daughter has a gas stove and she says cheesecakes take an extra 20 minutes of baking in her oven. I hope you better luck this time. 🙂

      • It does feel firmer this time. Just finished topping it and it is now in the fridge. I will serve it on Thursday. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas!

  40. I have now made 6 of these cheesecakes in less than a month. I make them 2 at a time. They are fabulous. I don’t like cheesecake usually but this made me a cheesecake fan. My co-workers, family, and I all say “Thank you”.

  41. I have a gas oven and noticed your daughter bakes it for 20 minutes longer because of it. Would you recommend that baking time and still letting it sit in the oven for only an hour? Cannot wait to make this for my boyfriends family today for Christmas Eve!

    • Hi Lauren, I just talked to my daughter and she says she lets it bake an additional 20 minutes and then watches it. Sometimes (depending on the cheesecake) it can take up to 40 additional minutes. Once you are satisfied with the cheesecake (jiggles in the center but not soupy) then continue with the 1 hour sitting in the oven with the heat off. Merry Christmas!

  42. Is there anyway u could eat it the same day? How long max do you have to put it in the refrigerator for?

  43. Just made it as a birthday cake for me and a friend. It is delicious. Added half can of dulce de leche and it is enough for me.

  44. I made this for Christmas and is now our family’s favorite. I am about to make it again and realized I have dark brown sugar instead of light. Do you think it will make a big difference to use the dark. I just don’t want to make another trip to grocery..but I will if it changes the taste and texture

    • Hi Audrey, It won’t change the texture and as far as the flavor…it will change the cheesecake to more of a molasses flavor. I’m so happy you like the recipe. It’s one of my families favorites. 🙂

  45. Hello, I’m planning on trying this deliciousness tomorrow but I’m facing a problem; “dark corn syrup” isn’t available in my town! Please tell me there’s something else I can use instead.. I’d LOVE to give it a try. Thank you in advance.

  46. Hi Sheryl,

    Thanks for the video!! I found this same exact recipe on another site and made it for Thanksgiving 2 years ago for work and last Thanksgiving for family. Last 2 times, I have had issues with cutting the crust, it is just so hard, but truly wonderful in flavor! A coworker asked for it last year for her birthday and I just wasn’t satisfied with how it was coming out so I told her to pick something else, but she has asked for it again this year. With your video and pointers I am going to try again. Your crust looks dry when you put it in the pan compared to mine, so I might be trying to get the wafers and sugar too wet with the melted butter. Also looks like I didn’t go up as high on the sides as you did. Wish me luck tomorrow night!

    • Good Luck Megan! Do you happen to know the site where you found the recipe? Since this is my original recipe I am curious. 🙂

      • I found it on SpicySouthernKitchen, I still had it pinned. But I just deleted that one and kept yours pinned with all the helpful hints! Turned out great this time, only a little hard in the edge where the sides meet. Other than that, fantastic! Thanks again!

  47. I have made this cheescake twice and it is AWESOME! My pecan filling was a litle too hard, but will boil a few minutes less next time.

  48. Made this cheesecake for a friend. It came out beautifully. The instructions and video were very helpful and I had no problems with it. For those having problems with the pie filling whipping the eggs into the corn syrup cold and then adding to the saucepan to cook solves that problem
    Dulce deleches (sp?) Can be found on the condensed milk shelf in the grocery now.

    • Hi Melissa, Yes unfortunately it does crack. I’m planning on playing with it by using a water bath technique to see if I can get rid of the cracks. At least you have the caramel to hid it. 🙂

  49. Quick Question – I absolutely adore the flavor that the brown sugar gives this cheesecake layer! (Everyone loved the dessert, by the way – fantastic!!!) If I were to bake this without the pecan layer, just as a simple cheesecake, would I bake at the same temperature for the same length of time? Any other tips if I were to try this? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Amanda, I’m glad you liked the recipe. As far as just using the filling and not the pecan layer…..I think that is something you’re going to have to play around with. I would use the same temp and lessen the baking time some. Wiggle the pan and if only the center slightly wiggles then your cheesecake is done.

  50. I made this cheesecake the other day and it turned out perfectly. I didn’t get any cracks in my cheesecake because I let the eggs, cream, butter and cream cheese come to room temp and I filled a glass cake pan with hot water and placed it under the cake. Also, I did have a hard time finding the dulce de leche. Walmart sells it in their international isle.

    • Hi Jamie, That’s awesome! This cheesecake is on my “to do” list. I want to try it baking in a water bath. Sounds like it’s the right way to go. Thanks! :3

  51. I have used many of your recipes(Twinkie cupcakes a huge hit), and they are amazing! Can’t wait to try this one for thanksgiving

    • Hi Chris, You’re the best! Thanks for the sweet comment. You’re family is going to LOVE that cheesecake. If you get stuck…..remember I have a video on YouTube. Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

  52. I have made this several times but every time after it is chilled, /’d even leaving it to thaw out for an hour or so the pecan pie part is too hard. I saw where you suggested cooking it at a lower temp and shorter time. I have an electric oven what temperature and time length do you suggest? Thanks

    • Hi Mickenzie, I have an electric stove too and my pie doesn’t come out hard. I have a full video of me making the cheesecake. Maybe that can help you figure out what happened. 🙂

  53. First off, great recipe. I honestly have never tasted it but I made it last year for Thanksgiving & it was requested this year. I was able to make 2 pies & have extra cheesecake filling to freeze both times tho. I’m unsure if it’s something I’m doing or not but the convenience of it is wonderful. Thanks for sharing this. My family obviously grateful.

    • Hi Lucrecia, I’m so glad you love the recipe. The only thing I can think of (as to how you have extra filling) is…maybe your pan is smaller. Happy Thanksgiving!

  54. Hi! I tried this recipe for the first time yesterday and it was a huge hit for our Thanksgiving lunch today! Thank you so much! I know you talked about it being a cheesecake that cracks, and I didn’t have any cracks at all so I thought I’d share what I did differently in case you wanted to try this out the next time you bake it. After the crust cooled, I wrapped the spring form pan (bottom and sides) with aluminum foil (it’s what I do when I bake cheesecake in water baths), and then placed it on the cookie sheet. Just wrap it to where you can’t see the seam anymore in the pan. Zero butter leaked onto the cookie sheet, and zero cracks in the cheesecake! 🙂

  55. I made this and it was awesome. But the pecan filling was hard. I could barely cut it, still edible though. I made the crust and pecan filling and out in fridge until next morning. Could it have been over cooked or maybe the putting it in the fridge. It’s possible the pecan pie mix was overbooked. And why do you suggest taking it out for 30 minutes to cut ?

    • I’m sorry to hear that Adrienne. Did you start with everything cold and only boil it for 6 minutes? It’s very important that you don’t over boil the pecan pie filling. The reason I have you take the cheesecake out for 30 minutes is so the pecan pie portion of the cheesecake can warm up a bit. It makes cutting the cheesecake easier. Did you watch my video? Maybe that will help too. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  56. Second attempt at this; the first one resulted in a rock-hard pie section that was almost impossible to cut. Took the advice of the comments section and baked the second at 315 instead of 325: that seemed to do the trick. Pie portion came out super-gooey; still hard to cut, but not anywhere near as bad as the first. But it tastes great, and I got a lot of compliments on it. Thinking I should invest in an oven thermometer before I try again. Thanks!

    • Sorry to hear you had such a hard time. I don’t know what to tell you….I’ve made this cheesecake several times and never have had that problem. I think a thermometer might be a good idea. Merry Christmas!

  57. Someone posted this recipe and picture last year before Christmas 2016 and I knew I just had to make it. I have been making cheesecakes for years BUT NEVER have a baked a cheesecake this FABULOUS! OMGoodness! EVERYONE in my family (and friends) went crazy over it since I have made several last year and Today I have made six of these wonderful Pecan Pie cheesecakes and I’m still not finished…It will make any woman the hit of the party if she brings on of these to any event…yum yum

    • Hi Yvette, Wow that’s a lot of cheesecakes! Thanks so much for the sweet words. I’m so glad you, your family and friends loved this cheesecake as much as I do. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  58. THE BEST CHEESECAKE EVER. I have probably made 20 of them, with no problems. This year I baked two for Christmas separate preparation, done on different dates. Both of them seemed to have the pecan pie crystalize to the crust and become so hard that I couldn’t cut through them. Please let me know what you think may have happened. I have watched your video and gone over my (your) recipe and my ingredients and cannot figure it out. Desperate!!!

    • Hi Patricia, I have a couple of ideas but really have no idea why this time you had problems. Did you get a new oven since the last time you made this cheesecake? Could you of boiled the pecan portion at a higher temp causing it to cook to a hard crack stage? How was the weather? Was it raining and humid? That’s all I can think of….I hope this helps. I’ve made this cheesecake several times and it always works for me. It’s by far the most delicious cheesecake I make. I’m so glad you think so too! 🙂

  59. I had lot of difficulty slicing this time without making a mess. Slicing through the pecan pie part was tough too. Any suggestions? I’ll be making 2 more through year end.

    • Hi Jason, I have two suggestions. Make sure to begin the cooking process of the filling with all ingredients cold and before serving make sure to let the cheesecake sit out on the counter at least 30 minutes. I hope this helps. I LOVE THIS CHEESECAKE!

      • Thanks Sheryl. I think I may have cooked it at 300 vs. 325 (another cheesecake that I make is cooked at that temp). By the way, do you find that it works best to let the pecan pie filling cool down a bit before pouring the cheesecake filling on top of it? That seems to make sense, but I was too efficient today when I made it again, and I think maybe that overheated the bottom part of the filling. Any thoughts?

        • Hi, I Don’t think so Jason….if anything I would think adding something cool on top would stop the cooking process until placed in the oven.

  60. Hi Sheryl, thanks for your recipe. I’m excited to try it. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to make a practice version, so I’m hoping it turns out well the first time. I’ll be baking it in a 10” springform pan in a gas stove. Any suggestions for the temp and time I should bake?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Chelsea, When I bake in a gas stove I usually turn the temp down 25 to 50° and bake in the center of the oven. I always burn things when I have them too close to the bottom. It may take a little longer but it’s totally worth it. I would start checking the cheesecake when it gets close to the time listed in the recipe and then keep a close eye on it. Good Luck! Happy Thanksgiving!

  61. This turned out AMAZING. This was my first time at a cheesecake and it was so easy too. Will definitely be making more cheesecakes.

  62. Hello! I’m going to be making this cheesecake tomorrow and am so excited! I did have a question .. it says to add eggs and butter cold. So this would be pulled right out of the fridge? I usually bring eggs to room temperature when baking so wanted to double check on that.

    • Hi Doug, When I want to remove my cheesecake from the bottom of a springform pan I use an offset spatula and slide it under to release.

  63. I’ve just made my 4th one! I made three at Thanksgiving and everyone loved! Question what if just wanted to make the pecan pie is one person’s favorite part…crazy person doesn’t lime cheesecake all that much…Lol? How long would you cook just the pecan pie part as is?

    • Hi Angela, That’s a tricky one. I wouldn’t bake it at all. Since that portion of the recipe is boiled. After it cools, I would spoon it into a bowl and let her have at it. It might be soft enough for her us eat like a dip.

    • Hi Claudette, The closest I can come to dark corn syrup is…making a simple syrup and adding molasses. 1 cup granulated sugar dissolved in 1/4 cup of hot water and 1/4 cup molasses.

  64. Hi Sheryl,

    I really like this recipe now I see this and I’ve seen your pumpkin cheesecake recipe. I wondered if I was able to combined the cheesecake portion of this recipe to be your pumpkin cheesecake.

  65. I made your cheesecake for the first time for our Fall Festival we had at our church tonight. I entered it into the Cheesecake contest, I won both prizes!!! 1st place for Judges Choice and 1st place for the Peoples choice. This is an amazing cheesecake, I will definitely be making it again. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe!

    • Oh My Gosh Julie! I knew this was a good cheesecake but I had no idea it was that good! That’s so awesome! Thanks for sharing! ♥

  66. Nooooo! I just watched your video AFTER I made it… never lowered the temp to 325, because I thought that instruction was only if you had a gas oven. Also…. took it out after an hour and placed it on my table on my wire cooling rack. It wasn’t clear that it was supposed to stay IN the oven to cool? So I guess my question is… is it ruined? Ughhhh I’m so upset.?

  67. Hello – thank you so much for this recipe! I made this for Thanksgiving and it was delicious! I had issues with the crust sticking to the pan. Apparently, the pecan mixture leaked through the crust and hardened on the pan. Do you have any tips to avoid this? Do you think an egg wash on the crust might help?

  68. Hello. Did you change some things on this recipe. Your original video shows baking the crust for 6 minutes and leaving the cheesecake in the oven for 1 hour while off after it is done cooking however your recipe doesn’t state this.

  69. I found this blog like 4 years ago and I’ve been making this cheesecake every year! Hands down the best I’ve ever made. I do think it’s more than 8 servings, but that’s just me. You’ll win over the family with this recipe!

  70. I can’t wait to taste it! We will be eating this tonight for a father-in-laws 70th Birthday party! Next time I make this, I will make sure the vanilla wafers are crushed more as I left some in bigger pieces which caused the cake to be a bit higher…Thank you for the recipe!

  71. I made this cheesecake last year for the holidays and it was a huge success, so good they’re asking for it again this year. I have some questions -I’m wondering if you would know if Nestlé’s Dulce de Leche has changed not the caramel’s same consistency as last year, have you found it to be different? Second question can you make this recipe and I rectangular pan instead of the springform pan? wondering if anyone’s as tried? What changes to temperature and or time would I need it you have/ please share. Best cheesecake ever Sheryl -thank you!

    • Hi Inquiring Minds, No, I haven’t noticed any changes. Perhaps you got a can that was old. I’ve only made this cheesecake in a springform pan, so I wouldn’t know about making it in a rectangular pan.

  72. Hey, so after baking the cheesecake you suggested to leave the cheesecake in the oven for an hour, with the oven turned off and door closed. Would this possibly cause the pecan filling layer to become hard? If not, why do you suggest to do this?

    • Hi Heather, The leaving the cheesecake in the oven with the oven off and the door closed is a method that will continue to gently bake the cheesecake while preventing the cheesecake from cracking.

  73. I’ve made this about 8-10 times and the crust always seems to be too hard. I have to eat the pecan pie and cheesecake seperate be jade I can’t cut it with a fork. Any reason why? Suggestions?

  74. I’ve been making this cheesecake for several years for many family events. It is a favorite, and a joke through the family that it has to be store bought it is so good and elegant. Such a good recipe. Thank you.

  75. I made this cheesecake for the first time and it was amazing!! Question though? When serving did you remove the bottom of the Springform pan before placing on a platter? I let it rest for 30 minutes before cutting, but the bottom seemed like it stuck to the grooves on the bottom of the springform? Should I have greased the bottom?
    Thank you

    • Hi Christina, Yes, I leave the bottom of the pan. Pressing the crust firm might help with sticking but spraying the pan with cooking spray wouldn’t hurt.

  76. Hi! Will I be able to remove the bottom of the spring foam pan after chilled so I can place in a different container for transportation?

    • Hi Joanne, You can try but I wouldn’t risk it. I usually leave the bottom, it will still fit in a large round container since the side portion will be removed.

  77. Just curious, did you change the recipe from when it was originally posted to now not cook the pecan pie layer before baking?

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